Nicholas Evans: The Loop

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Állapot: **** Nicholas Evans: The Loop
Oldalszám: 511
Kiadás éve: 1999
Kötés: puha
Nyelv: magyar
Kiadó: Corgi
ISBN: 0-552-14495-9


Helen Ross, a twenty-nine-year-old biologist, is sent to a sleepy Rocky Mountain ranching town to defend a pack of wolves from those who want to destroy them. For in Hope, Montana, a century ago, the wolf was slaughtered to extinction and though now protected by law as an endangered species, the old hatred runs deep.

Alone in this hostile place, bruised by a broken love affair, Helen struggles for self-esteem and survival, embarking on a dangerous alliance with the son of her most ferocious opponent, the brutal and charismatic Buck Calder.

Form its heart-stopping first chapter to its devastating climax, The Loop, set in the same vast landscape as The Horse Whisperer, is an epic tale of passion and redemptive love.

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