Clare Naylor – Mimi Hare: The Second Assistant

Ár: 1000 Ft — ÉRDEKEL!

Állapot: **** Clare Naylor - Mimi Hare: The Second Assistant
Oldalszám: 534
Kiadás éve: 2004
Kötés: puha
Nyelv: angol
Kiadó: Pan Books
ISBN: 0-330-42007-0


The Agency: Hollywood’s premier talent agency. A place of polished marble floors, brilliant sunlight, Gucci sunglasses (this season’s, naturally) and celebrity clients you’ve never met – though you know who they’re sleeping with.

The Second Assistant: One Elizabeth Miller, newly employed by under-educated, in-over-his-head agent extraordinaire Scott Wagner and his sidekick Lara – the woman who hates everyone and everything in Hollywood.

Day One: Lara warns Elizabeth never to date anyone in the business. And Elizabeth thinks it’ll be a doddie. But then she finds herself floating in her boss’s pool wearing only a G-string and a borrowed diamond necklace.

The End of the Line? Not for Lizzie. She’s a survivor, and no Machiavellian assistant or lecherous studio mogul can douse her dreams of climbing up from the bottom of the Hollywood ladder.

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