Arabella Edge: The Company

Ár: 1500 Ft — ÉRDEKEL!

Állapot: vadiúj Arabella Edge: The Company
Oldalszám: 371
Kiadás éve: 2003
Kötés: puha
Nyelv: angol
Kiadó: Picador
ISBN: 0-330-48979-8


I, Jeronimus, am a man of phials, a measurer of powders on bronze scales, a potion brewer, an opium and arsenic merchant. The primped and perfumed Amsterdam burghers came to me in droves requiring cures for fevers, love balms, the miscarriage of a bastard child, and, of course, poisons. Ah, poisons…

The Company is based on a true story of the flagship Batavia of the Dutch East India Company which foundered off Western Australia in 1629. Jeronimus Cornelisz, a thirty-year-old apothecary creates a brutal dystopia among the survivors, steadily chipping away at their ever-dwindling numbers with his demonic trickery and stash of arsenic.

Soaked with the blood of the innocent and the wicked, The Company plunges, with the weight of history, deep into the heart of darkness.

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